Support Those Struggling

As a healthcare provider, your training and experience are critical in the battle against opioid addiction. Here you can access communication materials written, designed, and produced to help prevent addiction—and educate all Alabamians about the opioid epidemic.

:15 TV PSAs

These 3 TV spots don’t waste time getting to the point. Viewers learn that prescription drugs are shared or sold by ordinary people, and can lead to addiction in less than a single school week.


:30 Radio PSAs

A series of 6 radio commercials from a diverse cross-section of students explores how easy it is to get, and become addicted to, prescription drugs.


Web PSAs

Students talk to students in this down-to-earth, 2-minute video. They’ll learn how addictive prescription drugs can be, and how to avoid the trap of instant gratification.



Grab students’ attention with these eye-catching posters and quickly get the word out on how to get smart about prescription drugs.


Digital/Social Media Banners

Get them “where they live”—on their smart phones, with these attractive, mobile-friendly banners for the Web.